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Request a review

If you would like to request a book review then please take a moment to read the following instructions on how to go about this.

First if you have not already done so then please take a look at the reviews I have already completed and decide if you would like me to review for you.

Please be aware I only accept fiction!

Secondly, drop me an email or message on one of the sites requesting a review (you do not need to send me anything at this time other than details of your websites).

Once your slot is granted you should prepare the below listed information along with either a paperback copy or electronic copy of your book, I accept pdf and kindle for pc.

Details of publisher

Word Count

Number of chapters

Release date - if not yet released

Website and or Social Network Links

Once completed your review shall be emailed to you with links to its page on my blog. It will also be submitted to both GoodReads and amazon.com and amazon.co.uk which usually take around 48 hours to be accepted. I am also able to submit to Smashwords.